Spill Training done properly should be integrated within your Incident and Emergency Management System. That means roles and responsibilities need to be understood and clearly defined. Directors and Senior Managers who take no part in the development of an organisation's Incident Response are courting with litigation and personal liability fines.

We have both the background and expertise in helping you to develop an appropriate Incident Response program for your organisation. Our training, exercises and workshops have all been developed from real experiences and are delivered by competent trainers who have been there and done it before. Our consultants are highly experienced individuals who will be selected to deliver the most appropriate guidance and advice for you.

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Preparation & Planning


A site audit by relevant members of the Site Audit Team to assess your current risk status. This will then allow us to develop the scope of your project and select the most appropriate members of our team to work with you.


A quantified assessment of the task in hand, the work shop, training course or consultancy required to close the gaps identified by our Survey


Incidents, Emergencies, Accidents and Crisis Points all need to be understood and planned for. Don't end up crying over spilt milk. Preparation, Planning and Practice is the mantra we encourage.


Resourcing, Training and Exercising are all part of the services we offer. If it's identifying the gaps by testing, writing your BCP or providing help and guidance on the correct Crisis Management Structure we've done it all.


Like all good management systems all projects require a review program. Whether we are providing spill training or consultancy services each project includes a review process.


So how good are you ? We undertake external audits covering, Health, Safety, and Environment as well as Business Continuity, Management Systems. We have experienced suitably qualified members of our team who can assess you. We even run training courses on undertaking your own internal audits.

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Integrated Management

If your organisation runs separate management systems for Health and Safety, Environment and Quality you may wish to consider an Integrated Management System approach. As well as saving you money in reduced audit costs it will also help to reduce risk by ensuring that your Emergency Response Plans and Incident Management planning form a single element in your Integrated Management System. We have a fully dedicated site to Integrated Management and PAS 99.