Contracting out your Facilities Management ?

Have you ever had an independent assessment, of your FM Contractor's incident preparedness? We're sure things happen in your building that occasionally give you pause for thought and concern. During one recent audit we identified that the possibility of a flood could have meant the loss of two buildings, data supply, staff relocation costs and no resumption of the facility for a period of up to 6 weeks! Another proved weaknesses in access control for an FSA regulated client with the possibility that highly confidential documentation could have been extracted from the building potentially costing the client millions in either a lawsuit and/or extreme bad publicity.


Why not put your mind at rest and appoint us to do a totally independent review, on your behalf, to test your ability to respond to an FM incident? You will get a full report of the issues and gaps we expose, input into your Business Continuity Plan and peace of mind for a fraction of the cost of a potential incident. Incident and Emergency Management needs preparation and practice. Few FM companies have the expertise or experience but we can help.

What would be the cost to you if your FM company failed?

You may be sleeping well at night now, but take a look at some of these brief case histories of recent exercises.

Sectors of Operation

If you subcontract your facilities management then it's just as important to involve them in your Incident and Emergency Management. We operate globally within the following sectors providing expert help and guidance.