• Power Station Shift Team Spill Training. Following a site survey, which included a review of the existing documentation and spill response inventory, the course structure was developed to include the relevant health, safety and environmental policy and a suitable spill incident training scenario created. The initial scoping survey identified certain gaps and anomalies in the onsite inventory and RPE provided which were rectified and improvements made prior to the course.

      Exercise Outputs: 75 Operational Staff and Charge Engineers trained in spill response which included a practical exercise to reinforce the training objectives.

      Course Base - Sapira 2P

    • Testing Laboratory Spill Response. Uncertain of their ability to respond to the large variety of potential incidents on site due to the nature of the testing undertaken by this International Test House advice was given on suitable spill resources and an appropriate spill training course conceived. Based on the Sapira 2LSR course this was then delivered to staff selected to become the dedicated site spill response.

      Exercise Outputs: Revisions to Spill Response Kit, Improved RPE ownership. Face Fit Testing implemented, Test Exercise.

      Course Base - Sapira 2LSR

    • Office Body Fluid Incident: This major UK call centre asked us to develop their Incident and Emergency Plans and then to deliver a series of exercises based on the Incident Action Plans developed as a result of the Incident Risk Assessment.

      Exercise Outputs: Confirmation that the Incident Action Plans developed were appropriate and effective. All staff members took place in the exercises which also served to reinforce the invocation and escalation process developed.

      Course Base - Sapira BCP3

    • Spill of hazardous chemicals not destined for this site: Concerned about the potential for spills of unknown chemicals from vehicle deliveries of mixed loads the client commissioned a spill exercise to test the FM team's response. The exercise was conceived to assess the contracted company's ability to; Undertake a Dynamic Risk Assessment, select the correct PPE and prevent business impact.

      Exercise Outputs: Identified the lack of expertise and equipment in handling a hazardous chemical spill on site. Spill training and PPE review actioned.

      Course Base - Sapira 2B

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These brief case studies give just some examples of the wide variety of spill training courses that we run for clients. Our focus is industry rather than beach and marine oil spill clean-up, with a particular emphasis on making sure that your incident management becomes an integrated part of your health, safety and environmental management system. If you have a particular training requirement then please contact us, we would be delighted to help.