• Testing of access controls in major site in London. Worried about a lack of security awareness amongst their Central London staff, our client asked us to penetrate the building to test access control. Although alarms were triggered no staff challenged our operative. Pictures were taken, staff were asked to help with photocopies and directions. Eventually our operative was 'discovered'.

      Exercise Outputs: Improved access control procedures

    • Emergency Intruder Response. Test of the building 'sweep and search process' high data security location. Entry to building was gained within 30 seconds of approach and our operative spent over one hour on site without being challenged despite the lack of access control pass.

      Exercise Outputs: Enhancement of CCTV system, sweep and search process developed to allow staff to mobilise faster when threat was known and develop an effective sweep of the building to identify intruder.

    • Loss of utilities to building: Following initial scoping and risk assessment this desk top exercise was conceived to test both the existing invocation process and to identify the impact of basement flooding as a result of flash flooding. Prior to our operatives arriving on site messages were sent to the FM team who then commenced initial research and put their team on notice.

      Exercise Outputs: The exercise findings identified critical weaknesses in the ability for the building to withstand loss of mains water for more than 8 hours and the immediate business impact of the loss of certain equipment housed in the basement.

    • Spill of hazardous chemicals not destined for this site: Concerned about the potential for spills of unknown chemicals from vehicle deliveries of mixed loads the client commissioned a spill exercise to test the FM team's response. The exercise was conceived to assess the contracted company's ability to; Undertake a Dynamic Risk Assessment, select the correct PPE and prevent business impact.

      Exercise Outputs: Identified the lack of expertise and equipment in handling a hazardous chemical spill on site. Spill training and PPE review actioned.

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Far too often companies overlook the impact that a failure of their building management can have. A large part of our work involves working with the subcontracted Facilities Management organisation, on behalf of our client, to make sure that they have the necessary skills and resources to both identify and respond to significant business interruption. By applying the Sapira process we identify the gaps that exist through audits and training exercises then, working together, we develop the necessary mitigation improvement programme. These brief case studies above are designed to give you some examples of what we can do but they are by no means exhaustive. If you outsource your facilities management why not let us undertake a risk assessment survey for you? It's a little peace of mind that doesn't cost a lot. Contact Us today to discuss your requirements.