First Response, Implementing ICE, Risk Assessment, PPE & Spill Kits

Course Description

Spill Responder Basics is a lively and interesting course, which is designed to fill both the needs of ISO14001 accreditation and legislation compliance. The main objective of this course is to ensure that named members of the companies Spill Team know their role and what to do when handling a spill. Delegates will be encouraged to ask questions give their opinions and talk about potential problems as they see them on their site. Delegates will cover the basics of using the spill response inventory, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) on site and be shown a demonstration of products in action. The basics of handling hazardous spills and the development of both local and global spill contingency plans are also covered with case histories.

This is an ideal course for those looking for an introductory spill training course to comply with section 4.4.7 of ISO 14001 Emergency Preparedness and Response.

Who should attend?

  • All Senior Managers responsible for spill contingency planning
  • Spill Team Leaders and members of the Spill Team

Benefits to Your Business

  • Improved response to Incidents and Emergencies
  • Improved response to Incidents and Emergencies
  • Improved Business Resilience
  • Spill Contingency Plan correctly conceived and integrated
  • Correct use and selection of spill response products
  • Integration of health, safety and environmental systems
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Typical Course Cost £850
(Min 6 Max 20 Delegates)

Course duration: 4 Hours

Course Structure

A program of distinct elements, including practical desk top exercises, based on and featuring several case studies and example documents.

Topics Covered include:
  • Oils and Chemicals - Characteristics, Movement, Storage and Disposal requirements.
  • Raising the alarm, invocation, escalation and trigger points
  • Practical Review and use of your Spill Response Inventory (using your on site spill kit)
  • Planning your response ( walk through exercise) Health and Safety around a spill
  • Handling Hazardous Spills - Do's & Don'ts- PPE
  • First Response Objectives - ICE Objectives
  • COSHH Data sheet interpretation.
  • 20 Question Multiple Choice Test