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CAWB - Chemical Awareness Basics (for non-chemists)

  • COSHH Specifics & Assessment
  • Understanding the chemical hazards in your role
  • Acids, Alkalis, Solvents, Dusts (Properties & Hazards)
  • Control Measures ( Routes of Entry, PPE)
  • Preparing for the unplanned event

CAWA - Chemical Awareness Advanced

All of the CAWB course plus...

  • Dynamic Risk Assessment
  • Chemical Storage & Containment
  • Cryogenics & Cytotoxics
  • Chemical First Aid (Diphoterine)

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ECAW - Engineering Chemical Awareness

All of CAWA course plus...

  • Scoping your role & boundaries
  • Transportation Hazard Classes
  • Chemical Supply Labels
  • Fumes, Vapours, Dusts, Mists – Characteristics & Hazards

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IRCAWS - Incident Response & Chemical Awareness

Day 1 - the ECAW Course, Day 2 Incident Response

The Incident Life Cycle

  • Command & Control
  • Dynamic Risk Assessment
  • PPE & RPE
  • Scene Management
  • The On Site Incident & Emergency Plan
  • Developing your Policy & Procedures
  • Incident Elements – Communications, Authorisation, Scope & Boundaries, Decontamination, Chemical First Aid, Site Sectoring and Specific Action
  • Planning
  • Practical Exercise Scenario (putting the theory into practice)

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MSLAB - Managing Safety in a Laboratory Environment

  • The Health & Safety Management System
  • Hazard & Risk Assessment
  • Understanding the Role of a Safety Representative
  • Communicating Safety Policy & Procedures
  • Waste Management, Storage & Monitoring

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Sapira 4FH - Fuel Handling

It is the legal responsibility of those running fuelling stations or on-site flammable stores to ensure that anyone employed to receive deliveries of flammable liquids should be competent. That competence can be derived from a combination of training and experience. The Sapira4FH course is ideally suited to give your staff the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to enable them to avoid costly accidents and to comply with the law.

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Sapira 1 - Emergency & Incident Management

An introduction to Emergency and Incident Management. A must for those wanting an integrated approach across the whole organisation.

Relevant for: BS 25999, ISO 14001, ISO27001, PAS 99, OHSAS 18001

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MRT1 Mail Room Staff Training - Hazardous Packages

The Sapira MRT1 Mail Room Training Course has been conceived from our work with some of the largest high profile organisations in the UK who regularly receive hazardous mail from pressure groups and terrorist organisations.

First Response, Impact Assessment, Crisis Management, Running the Incident, Roles & Responsibilities

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Sapira C2TP Incident Command

So how good are you? Ever had the experts test your plans and Spill Team? This course/exercise covers both a review of the theory already taught in Sapira 2B or Sapira 2P but goes on to examine your incident management by means of a planned exercise set by us and assessed by us.

Relevant for: ISO14001 Emergency Preparedness, Testing your Spill Contingency Planning

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Sapira 2SK - Spill Kit Training

Spill Kit Training is one of our most popular courses. Role play based with delegates being set a series of practical scenarios based on your site inventory and conditions this course fulfils your regulatory compliance requirements and ensures that spill responders understand the hazards involved.

Relevant for: ISO 14001 (Section 4.4.7), OHSAS 18001, COSHH

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BCP 1 BCP Workshop

A practical course in Business Continuity Planning. Conceived around a real life experience the course charts what happens from Day 1 to Month 6. Full of useful tips and hints for those organisations who don't want to learn on the job.

Relevant for: Anyone who wants to stay in business after a disaster.

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IEM 1 - Effect Incident Management and Business Continuity Auditing

Whilst using a Business Continuity Management System as a framework, this one day course explains the concepts of internal auditing, what makes a good auditor and explains the skills necessary to undertake successful internal audits of any management system.

Relevant for : Any management system such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS 25999, PAS 99 etc.

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Sapira 2B - Spill Response Basics

Spill Response Basics our introductory course for companies wishing to demonstrate Emergency Preparedness and Response. Ideal for the SME with few spill hazards but keen to get it right.

Relevant for: ISO 14001 (Section 4.4.7), BS25999

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BCP2 - Implementing BS 25999

Implementing any management system for the first time is tough.

Implementing BS 25999 is one of the toughest to do properly. Learn from our experiences in helping organisations achieve accreditation.

Relevant for: BS 25999 or any organisation implementing a BCM system.

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IEM 2 - Bespoke Course Enquiry

If we haven't covered the course you have in mind why not contact us here and we will develop one specifically for you. We do it all the time.

Contact us with your training or exercise requirements


Sapira 2P - Spill Response Professional

Spill Response Professional our most popular course which includes both practical and theory. Over 6 hours, spilt into 4 hours theory and 2 hours practical this is the course for those who take incident management seriously.

Relevant for: ISO14001, BS 25999, ISO 9001, PAS 99, OHSAS 18001

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BCP3 - Preparing for the Office Emergency

We all think working in an office is safe. Preparing for the Office Emergency might change your ideas and more importantly your plans for just such an event. Compiled from real life experiences this course is a must for Office Managers.

Relevant for: Office Management, Supervisors, PA's & Secretaries, Company Secretary

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Sapira 2PR Spill Response Certificate Revision

When was the last time that you tested your spill training response ? This course, based on the Sapira 2P is designed to test your previous training. Starting with an unplanned incident it will quickly identify any gaps that exist. The wash up session follows which then leads into revision and theory linking what went wrong to what should have happened. Fast becoming one of our most popular courses this certificated course can be used for renewal of spill training certificates or a way of bringing new and old hands up to speed.

Relevant for : ISO 14001, PAS 99, BS 25999, OHSAS 18001

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Sapira 2LSR - Lab Spill Response

Specifically tailored for laboratory and hospital spills this course is a must for all lab technicians. Assuming a fair knowledge of chemicals the course is short and to the point concentrating on typical laboratory scale spills.

Relevant for: ISO 14001 Lab technicians, Laboratory managers, Hospitals, Pharmacy and Chemical Stores

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BCP4 - The Spill Contingency Plan

Writing a spill contingency plan is easy if you have the benefit of years of experience. Free templates are fine but you can't write a plan without understanding the site conditions and chemical inventory first. This practical course will take you through the key essentials.

Relevant for: Spill Contingency Planners, ISO 14001, Plant / Production Managers, Shift Engineers.

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