Sapira™ 4 FW - Fire Warden (4 hours)

Basic fire safety, action to be taken in an emergency, types of fire extinguisher and their uses and a guide to fire risk assessment.

Course Description

Our fire warden course gives the delegate a sound base knowledge of fire safety in the workplace. This course will cover how fires start and spread, how and when to raise the alarm, how to risk assess the situation, using the correct extinguisher (where appropriate) and the unfortunate consequences of failing to adopt and implement basic fire safety procedures (with case studies).

It will cover fire safety checks and the role and responsibilities of the fire warden in an emergency (floor sweep and roll calls, methods of evacuation and types of equipment available).

Delegates will be encouraged to ask questions and share opinions along with any issues they may have in their own workplace. They will be made aware at the cost to the business and the taxpayer of potential poor practice in fire safety and the catastrophic effects of arson.

A step by step introduction to fire risk assessment and safety checks/audits will be given to all candidates.


Who should attend?

  • Management Supervisory staff and persons of responsibility
  • Staff wishing to become Fire Wardens


Benefits to Your Business

  • 70% of businesses never recover from a fire
  • Piece of mind that important safety checks are being carried out
  • Knowing that in an emergency structured safe evacuation of the premises will take place
  • Good worker morale giving rise to confidence in an emergency
  • A good fire safety record will improve insurance premiums
  • Piece of mind for the owner that it has a low fire risk even if it has a high fire rating
  • Integration of health, safety and environmental systems
  • People in key areas in an emergency
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Typical Course Cost £750[1]

(Min 6, Max 10 delegates, although we can make the course suit our client where larger numbers may be required)

Sapira 4 Fire Warden Course Structure and Methodology[2]

A program of distinct elements, including practical and desk top exercises, based on and featuring case studies and example documents.

Topics Covered include :-

  • Scoping & Surveying
    • The legislative framework in which you operate
    • Fire Safety Check Practical
    • Theory of Combustion
  • Assessment
    • Common Causes of Fires
    • Housekeeping
    • Classification of fires
  • Planning
    • Raising the alarm, invocation, escalation and trigger points
    • Actions on discovering fire
    • Actions on hearing the alarm
    • Evacuation procedure
    • Assembly points and the importance of roll calls
    • Plan and execute Fire drills
    • Methods of evacuation ( refuge) and types of equipment used (Evac chair)
  • Implementation
    • Fire detection & Fire Alarm Systems
    • Methods of Fire Separation
    • Types of Fire Extinguishers
  • Review & Response
    • Fire extinguisher operation
  • Audit
    • 20 Question Multiple Choice Test


Equipment and Room Requirements

  • Data Projector
  • TV Video
  • Blackboard or Chalkboard
  • Conference Table & Chairs


Practical Exercise

Fire Safety Check


Delegates will be provided with worksheets but should bring their own writing materials


4 to 5 hours



[1] Sapira reserve the right to update and modify the course content and/or fee as required. This course outline is indicative. As a part of our continuous improvement programme, the course will be adjusted as deemed appropriate prior to each delivery in response to pre course evaluation and or changes to regulations.

[2] The Sapira™ process and methodology is Copyright to Mark and Christine East © Dec 2010-12-16