Sapira - Chemical Awareness Training

As our knowledge improves and the work place injury statistics attributable to exposure to hazardous chemicals rise we have been asked for more tailored chemical awareness training courses.

Sapira’s chemical awareness training courses have been conceived to provide staff at all levels with a better appreciation of the hazards involved in exposure to dusts, chemicals and fumes in the workplace.

The Chemical Awareness Courses start with a basic 2 hour course designed for non-chemists but staff who use or receive hazardous chemicals into the work place. It concentrates on explaining the routes of entry into the body and the different risks caused by prolonged exposure to irritants both acute and chronic. Delivered in simple easy to understand language the courses build content and complexity depending on the levels of knowledge and the roles that delegates hold.

The matrix table sets out for you the basic course outlines and content but we are always happy to develop specific courses for you that are tailored to your work place hazards.

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Description & Content Highlights Target Audience Duration & Approx Cost Add to Enquiry

Chemical Awareness Basics (for non-chemists)

  • COSHH Specifics & Assessment
  • Understanding the chemical hazards in your role
  • Acids, Alkalis, Solvents, Dusts (Properties & Hazards)
  • Control Measures ( Routes of Entry, PPE)
  • Preparing for the unplanned event

Cleaners, Shift Operatives, Goods Inward Staff, Store & Material Handlers

2 Hours £55/delegate

Min Charge: £550


Chemical Awareness Advanced

All of the above plus...

  • Dynamic Risk Assessment
  • Chemical Storage & Containment
  • Cryogenics & Cytotoxics
  • Chemical First Aid (Diphoterine)

All of the above plus...

Non Chemical Lab Staff, Hospital Staff.

1/2 Day £95/delegate

Min Charge: £750


Engineering Chemical Awareness

All of the above plus...

  • Scoping your role & boundaries
  • Transportation Hazard Classes
  • Chemical Supply Labels
  • Fumes, Vapours, Dusts, Mists – Characteristics & Hazards

All of the above plus...

Shift Engineers, Shift Managers, Supervisory Staff

1 Day £150/delegate

Min Charge: £1250


Incident Response & Chemical Awareness

Day 1 Chemical Awareness – ECAW Course as above

Day 2 Incident Response

The Incident Life Cycle

  • Command & Control
  • Dynamic Risk Assessment
  • PPE & RPE
  • Scene Management
  • The On Site Incident & Emergency Plan
  • Developing your Policy & Procedures
  • Incident Elements – Communications, Authorisation, Scope & Boundaries, Decontamination, Chemical First Aid, Site Sectoring and Specific Action
  • Planning
  • Practical Exercise Scenario (putting the theory into practice)

All of the above plus...

On Site Command Team, Security, Fire Wardens, Health & Safety, Scientists, Senior Officers.

2 Day £250/delegate

Min Charge: £2500


Managing Safety in a Laboratory Environment

  • The Health & Safety Management System
  • Hazard & Risk Assessment
  • Understanding the Role of a Safety Representative
  • Communicating Safety Policy & Procedures
  • Waste Management, Storage & Monitoring

Senior Executives & Supervisors, Health & Safety Reps

2 Days £250/delegate

Min Charge: £2500